1.)  All prices are set by management.  The consignor will receive 50% of each item sold.  
(e.g. An item sells for $5.00.  The store receives $2.50.  The consignor receive $2.50.)  
Credit for sold merchandise is recorded for each account.  Sales credit does not expire
and can not be lost.

2.)  Payouts will be available for pick up for amounts of $
10 or more, AFTER THE STORE
BILLS HAVE BEEN PAID.  (Payouts can be mailed if the consignor calls and requests.
Postage will be paid by the consignor.)  Smaller amounts may be claimed at the store with
the approval of the management.  Sales credit may also be used for in-store purchases at
any time.

3.)  Items are displayed for a minimum of 90 days.  This time period starts when items are
priced - not when they are dropped off.  After 35 days, items are subject to discounts,
from 10% to 75%.  Markdowns depend on the condition, season, and demand for the
item.  Out-of -season and clearance sales will also be held.

4.)  At the end of the 90 days, items can be donated OR picked up by the consignor.  If
items are to be picked up, the consignor will be notified
by phone that they have items to
be picked up.  The consignor will then have 14 days to pick up their items.  If the
consignor is unable to come by in the 14 days, he/she must call and make other
arrangements.  If the items are not picked up, they will be donated.  A tax receipt for all
donated items will be kept on file in each consignor’s name and may be picked up at the
end of each calendar year.

5.)  Drop-offs will be accepted Wednesday through Saturday after 12PM.  Consignors are
welcome to call and set up appointments outside of this time period as well.

** 6.)  Please limit drop-offs to 15 items per month!  The store is small, and space is
limited!  Seasonal items only!

7.)  PLEASE go through your items before bringing them in.  Items must have:         
1. No
rips  2. No tears   3. No stains  4. No holes  5. No missing buttons  6. No broken zippers  
7. No animal hair.    Items must be washed!
 Items will be accepted either on hangers or in
a bag/box.

8.)  We are not a specialty shop.  We have many consignors - all with different tastes and
styles.  Our customers are even more eclectic.  You would be surprised at what might sell,
but please don’t bring me junk.  No loose batteries, no scrap/cut-off material, no broken
items, nothing stained, no miscellaneous remotes, etc.  These items will be immediately
returned or thrown away.

9.)  We appreciate your patronage.  Thanks for everything
Consignment Policies
Drop-off Hours

Mon - no drop-offs
Tues - no drop-offs
Wed - 12 - 5PM
Thur - 12 - 5PM
Fri - 12 - 5PM
Sat - 12 - 5PM
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